Company Overview

Why Fox?

Because we’re innovative, irreverent, passionate, fun, edgy, bold, creative, inviting, empowering, flexible, audacious, leading edge, risk takers, inclusive, curious, visionary, smart, ground breaking. Because we have properties to be proud of. Because we’re great people, and we’re a team! Do you want to be a part of our adventure?

Benefits & Perks

Employees at Fox received a number of benefits, ranging from comprehensive health benefits to free movie screenings to discounts on numerous products and services. Here’s just a partial list of some of our many benefits and services. Nationwide benefits include back up child care, child care discounts, counseling services, credit unions, direct deposit, education reimbursement, employee development training, employee discounts and referrals, insurance benefits, hybrid incentive, and investment plans. Benefits may vary by division, location, and employee type.


“News Corporation is continually striving to deliver the most compelling content to the broadest range of consumers around the world. We believe that great content is driven by great ideas. To help fuel this creative drive and to succeed in the global economy, we are committed to recruiting and retaining the most talented and diverse group of individuals possible.”

“Diversity fosters innovation and creativity, and those key traits strengthen our competitiveness.”

-Chase Carey
Deputy Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer
News Corporation